Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mi Gal - Pure Vibracion

D# 3-4-3-5-X-X
F 4-6-5-6-X-X

intro: D# - F

chord: D# - F

give me a one tall of water please,
its been a while me don’t
feel this feelin for so long,
she a took from me boring day,
hold me hand and we dance,
we do the reggae reggae,
the bird is singin singin a long the way

me gal, lets dancing all the nite,
the trouble left behind now,
lets makin all the dark
nite comes alive.. alrite..
she love me 8x
me gal
she love me 8x
me gal

she looks so fairy,
queen of lion land,
love and light she have,
wish I had a girl that always hold me tight,
I wish I had a girl that always colour me life,
Love that we share we can spread it out,


What’s that in my head,
what`s shining day,
what’s that in my head,
colour shining..


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